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Under the direction of Prof.Dr.Srisakdi Charmonman & Dr.Kanokwan Wongwatanasin

Educational Institutions in Thailand

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In celebrating and honoring the auspicious occasion of
His Majesty King Bhumibol's
72nd Birthday, December 5, 1999,
Assumption University,Internet Association, Thailand Chapter of Internet Society, KSC Foundation, and Internet KSC proudly present 'Portal For Education in Thailand.'

We have developed and collected a large number of Thai educational institution homepages for this web site. The educational institution homepages are arranged into 6 sections and 1 subsection by location. These 6 sections are: Northern, Central, Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northeastern regions with Bangkok as the regional subsection. Each regional section and subsection contains 72 educational institution homepages which accumulates to the total of 504 institutions. Each of these sections can be accessed by clicking on the map of Thailand on the left (for Bangkok, click on the Central region.)

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